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Why do I need to use two-factor authentication to log in to the Digital Hub? 

Keeping client information secure is one of the Bank’s priorities. To secure the connection between the Bank and you, download the Salesforce AuthenticatorTM app. Salesforce Authenticator will then show you a unique two-word phrase to connect.

How can I change my language preferences in the Digital Hub? 

Click on the profile tab at the top right of the screen and select the My Settings option.

How can I give access to the Digital Hub to my assistant or colleague?

This feature is available only at National Bank Financial.

Refer a client on the Digital Hub

Why has a new digital process to refer a client been put into place?

To give advisors real-time reference status tracking.

Where can I see the status of a referral? 

Check the REFERRALS and HOME sections to see the progress of your referral. In addition, each product offered to the client will be identified as an opportunity. The status of each product will be indicated.

Why is a cell phone number mandatory in the referral process? 

The clients need to provide a cell phone number because they will receive a text message to validate the digital signature.

How long does the client have to digitally sign the referral form? 

The client has 7 days (D+6) to digitally sign the referral form.

What happens if the client doesn’t sign the referral form within 7 days? 

After 7 days, the referral is automatically deleted. You will have to submit again the referral form to create a new document.

How long does the client have to download their document? 

The client has 3 days to download a copy of their referral form. After 3 days, the client will have to call the Bank to obtain a copy.

Undertaking process for your clients' banking product overview

Why do we need to sign an undertaking form?

It is the Insurance Business (Banks and Bank Holding Companies) Regulations or (IBR) that outlines the relationship a bank can maintain with an insurance company as well as its agents and insurance brokers.

What undertaking do I need to sign?

To guarantee a proper usage of the information provided, you must agree to do not use the information provided to offer insurance products or promote them and take all reasonable measures to ensure the information will not be used by a third party for the promotion of a policy or an insurance service in Canada.​

Who can see their Clients Banking products overview?

All advisors who have at least one of the following licences investment or mutual fund, portfolio management or registered investment management and who have accepted to sign the undertaking agreement.

If an advisor only has an insurance licence, can they see the overview of their clients’ banking products?

As per the Insurance Business (Banks and Bank Holding Companies) Regulations or (IBR), the Bank is not authorized to share an overview of clients’ banking holdings with advisors holding solely an insurance licence.

If I didn’t sign during my first log in, how can I sign the undertaking form to obtain access to the clients banking product overview in the Digital Hub?

Click on the profile tab located at the top right of the screen and select My profile and click on the Sign undertaking button.

Clients’ banking products overview

Where can I see my clients banking product overview?

Under the Clients tab, select your client’s name and then the Portfolio tab. The details of the products held by your client will appear.

Why am I unable to see the banking products held by my client?

Once you have signed the undertaking form, your clients must consent to sharing their information with you.

How can my clients provide consent for me to see the overview of their banking products?

For all
products held prior the launch of the Digital Hub, they can phone in to provide their consent. For all subsequent referrals made through the Digital Hub, they will be invited to give their consent by signing electronically.

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