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With our various possibilities of personal loans, your clients can choose the term, the frequency of their payments, and whether they prefer a fixed or variable interest rate.

Ideal for clients who’d like to:

  • Contribute to their RRSPs
  • Finance renovation work or a large purchase
  • Seize an investment opportunity
  • Establish a good credit history

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RRSP Loans1

RRSP financing can be part of a strategy to achieve your clients' retirement goals by maximizing their annual contributions. With this product, your clients get fast financing and enjoy a preferential rate, usually less than a personal loan to contribute to their RRSPs or to recover their unused contributions in recent years.


  • Minimum amount of $1,000
  • No maximum amount
  • Single disbursement
  • Fixed or variable rate
  • Term between 3 to 60 months
  •  First payment can be deferred for 3 or 6 months
  • Opportunity to defer a payment to the end of the term
  • Payment frequency: weekly, every two weeks or monthly
  • No penalty charges for partial or full repayment of the loan before the term

Investment loan

The Investment loan is the ideal product for clients who have few financial obligations and want to use the strategy of leveraging to build their long-term assets portfolio.

This product is a financing tool used primarily for investment purposes. It allows your customers to purchase and pledge eligible non-registered units of mutual funds or segregated funds to support the loan by the applicant.

For clients with a strong risk tolerance, this strategy may present several advantages: generate after-tax income that can be greater than the after-tax interest on the loan, potentially benefit from income tax deductions2 etc.


  • Financing up to 100% of the total investment1
  • Credit limit minimum of $10,000 and a maximum of $250,0003
  • Variable interest rate based on the National Bank’s prime rate plus a pre-determined spread4
  • Fixed interest rate



Fixed-rate and variable-rate personal loans1

If your clients prefer to know precisely the amount of his payments, our fixed-rate personal provides protection against rate fluctuations in the event of rising interest rates.

Our variable-rate personal loan is ideal for clients who want to follow the economic trends in order to benefit from advantageous interest rates1.

  • Minimum amount: $5,000
  • Repayment, in part or in full, at any time, without penalty
  • Payment frequency: weekly, bi-weekly and monthly



How do loans work?

Personal and investement loans

  • Life and disability insurance available
  • Annual statement produced on December 31st
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT) from client’s personal bank account

RRSP loan

  • Life and disability insurance available
  • Annual statement produced on December 31st
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT) from the client’s personal bank account
  • To calculate the payment on a variable rate loan, one month is deducted for each loan year. This prevents clients from having a balance at maturity, should there be an increase in interest rates during the term. For example, for a loan of 24 months, two months will be deducted in calculating the payments which will be calculated on a 22-month term.
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On this page, use the calculator in the RRSP Loan Documents (2022-2023) section to estimate the calculation of your clients' RRSP loan payments.

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Legal disclaimers

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1.  Subject to credit approval from National Bank. Certain conditions apply. 

2. Anyone who uses borrowed funds to finance the acquisition of securities or invest is at greater risk than if he settled the acquisition or invested with his own funds. Anyone who borrows funds to acquire securities or invest undertakes to repay the loan in accordance with its terms, including interest, even if the value of the securities acquired declines

3. Requests above $250,000 are assessed in a case by case manner. Additional conditions may apply.

4. "Prime rate" means the annual variable interest rate posted by National Bank from time to time, used by the Bank to determine the interest rates on the demand loans it grants in Canadian dollars in Canada. Consult the prime rate webpage to find out the day's rate.



RRSP Loans documents (2023-2024)

Advisor enrolment form - To submit loan applications with National Bank of Canada, financial advisors must sign an advisor enrolment form with the National Bank of Canada. This is a one-time requirement that must accompany the first loan application submitted.

RRSP loan - Credit application

RRSP Loan Guide

1,2,3 Step process - Summarizes the steps advisors and NBC follow in an RRSP loan application.

RRSP Loan rates - Rates as of November 1st, 2023

RRSP calculator (xls) - RRSP Loan cost of borrowing: Fixed-rate | Variable rate


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