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A line of credit* is an easy and cost-effective way to cover unexpected expenses. Whether you help your clients finance their personal projects or repay their borrowed money at their own pace, you can help ensure peace of mind.

Ideal for clients who’d like to:

  • Fund projects that require quick access to funds
  • Balance out an irregular income with areliable source of funds
  • Build a financial safety net
  • Complete their savings to fund medium-scaled projects

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Personal Flex Line® secured and non-secured1

The Personal Flex Line® is a quick and flexible way to access funds at any time. With an open line of credit, your clients can avoid multiple credit applications and easily
finance upcoming projects or contribute to their RRSPs.2


  • Minimum of $5,000   
  • Increases in increments of $1,000    
  • 5 free cheques upon account opening
  • Client card available
  • Interest calculated on daily closing balance
  • Payment frequency: monthly
  • Minimum payment: interest only
  • Monthly statement available online or by mail
  • Payments can be made via automatic transfer with no extra charge
  • Life insurance available
  • No monthly product holding fees 


Investment line of credit

The Investment line of credit is the ideal product for your clients who have few financial obligations and want to leverage their line of credit to build a long-term assets portfolio. Your clients can purchase and pledge eligible non-registered units of mutual or segregated funds to support their line of credit.

This product is also advantageous for clients who want to generate after-tax income greater than the after-tax interest on the line of credit and benefit from income tax deductions


  • Financing 100% of the total investment1
  • Credit limit minimum of $10,000 and a maximum of $250,0003
  • Variable interest rate based on the Bank’s prime rate plus a pre-determined spread
  • Interest calculated daily and payable monthly   
  • Repayment of interest only
  • Annual revision     
  • Non-revolving credit



BusinesFlex Line of credit

The BusinessFlex Line of Credit is a short-term financing product that provides quick access to funds to optimize your client's business' cash management

Clients who would like to apply for a FlexBusiness line of credit must hold a Business account to be eligible.


  •  Advantageous rates
  • Available financing eliminates multiple credit requests      
  • Funds accessible at any time
  • Yearly management fee: $275 (subject to change )
  • Interest calculated daily and payable monthly



How do lines of credit work

  • Interest charged only on the amount borrowed
  • Possibility to make optional payments at any time (fixed amount of principal or percentage of the outstanding balance)
  • Repayment is made through electronic funds transfer from the client’s personal account held at National Bank within 1 to 21 business days after the line of credit statement is produced. 
  • Agreement duration valid for an indefinite period.
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Legal disclaimers

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*According to the agreement the Bank has with your firm, not all products may be available.

® Personal Flex Line is a trademark of National Bank of Canada.

1. Subject to credit approval from National Bank. Certain conditions apply. Once an amount is withdrawn from the account, interest is charged immediately and must be repaid within 21 days. A statement is issued every 30 days. As long as the line of credit is in effect, the borrower must draw the balance of the line of credit down by at least 10%, at least twice a year, at intervals of six months each. According to the agreement the Bank has with your firm, not all products may be available.

2. Amounts used in the margin must be repaid under the credit agreement and subject to interest.

3. Requests above $250,000 are assessed in a case by case manner. Additional conditions may apply.


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