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Buying a home is an essential step in your client’s life, and we know it. Our expert advice can make their journey effortless by offering mortgage solutions1-2-3 that stand out from the competition. 

Ideal for clients who’d like to:

  • purchase a new home or secondary residence
  • renew their mortgage 
  • refinance to renovate a current property
  • invest in real estate 

Go beyond your clients’ needs

Flexible and advantageous rates3-4

Your clients will be able to pay off their mortgage faster and save on interest with favourable rates offered by Advisor Banking Services. We also offer the option of converting a variable-rate mortgage into a fixed-rate mortgage of equal duration.

Easier budget management

With access to mortgage information online, your clients can easily manage their budgets with fixed payments. They can make additional payments or increase their payment frequency if they have the liquidity.

How to choose the best rate?

What would be the best mortgage rate for your client? Talk about their loan and rate options and be assured that we will provide them with a solution that best fits their needs. 

  Rate options
  Fixed Variable Made-to-measure
What is it?

The interest rate remains the same for the entire term.

The interest rate increases or decreases based on market fluctuations.

The loan includes more than one type of product: fixed and variable.

It is possible to add a Home Equity line of credit if needed.

What you can provide for your clients:

The security of equal mortgage payments.

Interest savings when rates go down.

Stable payments and the possibility to take advantage of interest rate drops.


See all rates

See the fixed rates in effect according to the different terms.

Benefit from a capped rate that protects against rate increases.

Consider adding a Home Equity line of credit.

Terms and duration

Open (6 months or 1 year)

  • No penalty if the loan is repaid in one shot.
  • Ideal if your client wants to sell their house in the near future.

Closed (3 months to 10 years)

  • Prepayment charge if repaid before maturity3.
  • The rate is lower than an open loan.

Closed (5 years)

  • 5-year commitment.
  • Prepayment charge if repaid before maturity3.
  • More advantageous rate than an open term.

Fixed-rate portion: open (6 months or 1 year) or closed (3 months to 10 years).

Variable-rate portion: closed (5 years).


Fixed throughout the term. Monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. Possibility of accelerating mortgage repayment without penalty.

Possibility of accelerating mortgage repayment without penalty. Monthly, bimonthly, or weekly.

Possibility of accelerating mortgage repayment without penalty. Monthly, bimonthly, or weekly.

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Find out about our featured mortgage solution.

Explore the benefits of the All-In-OneTM-1 line of credit and leverage your client’s home equity to finance their most cherished projects.  

Discover the All-In-One line of credit

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TM All-In-One is a trademark of National Bank of Canada. 

  1. Subject to credit approval by National Bank of Canada. 
  2.  Subject to not exceeding the maximum line of credit amount available, i.e., 65% of the value of the property
  3. The minimum down payment is 5% if the mortgage is insured by Sagen, Canada Guaranty, or the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Some restrictions may apply.  
  4. Rates may differ if the amortization period is more than 25 years. For more information, please contact an advisor. 
  5. Certain conditions apply. 


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