Cash Surrender Value (CSV) line of credit

A flexible financial planning tool

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At a glance

The National Bank CSV Line of Credit allow your clients to leverage their Whole Life or Universal Life policy for use in various needs.

Ideal for clients who’d like to:

  • Prepare for retirement
  • Have greater financial flexibility 
  • Access extra funds for unexpected expenses

Go beyond your clients’ needs

Realize their projects

Give your clients the financial flexibility to lead their lifestyle their way. They can quickly access their funds and seize the opportunities that life offers.

Prepare for the unexpected

It can be difficult for clients to ensure they will have sufficient funds when they need it. Since the Cash Surrender Value line of credit is a financing solution that provides access to funds at any time, unforeseen expenses should no longer be a source of concern.

Plan for retirement

Prepare your clients for a fresh start. To easily achieve their retirement goals, it may be useful to supplement their income by leveraging their life insurance policy as a flexible financial planning tool.

Maximize their wealth

Take advantage of opportunities to help your clients build wealth faster. By implementing wealth growth strategies, you can help set them on track to achieve their financial goals and make the most of their assets.

How it works

Clients can benefit from a permanent life insurance policy for either personal or entrepreneurial financing. The maximum amount that can be borrowed is based on a specific percentage of the cash surrender value, depending on the investment options chosen by the policyholder. Generally, the more conservative the investments, the higher the borrowing limit3.

Approved life insurance providers 


  • Canada Life
  • BMO Life Insurance
  • Empire Life
  • Equitable Life of Canada 
  • Great-West 
  • Industrial Alliance 
  • Ivari 
  • London Life 
  • Manulife 
  • RBC Insurance
  • SSQ Insurance
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Your tools

We have designed the perfect tool for you to help explain the cash surrender line of credit to your clients.

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Legal disclaimer

1 Subject to credit approval by National Bank of Canada. Certain conditions apply.

2 Subject to change without notice.

3 Certain conditions apply. May be subject to applicable fees. 

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